How to Change Name on Copa Airlines Ticket

Have you entered the wrong name on your Copa Airlines ticket? Do you want to correct it? Passengers who have entered the wrong name in the Copa Airlines ticket then have the opportunity to change it. Copa Airlines does not allow the name change but there are some conditions through which you can change the name on your flight ticket. Copa Airlines has many conditions that you need to learn to change the flight ticket name. The condition includes some rules as well that should be acknowledged by the passengers carefully.

How to change the name of Copa Airlines?

Copa Airlines allows to alter the name and it’s an easy process but you need to understand the conditions that allow you to change the name in Copa Airlines. The conditions of the name change are given below:

  • The tickets should be unused. The travelers must not request to change the name on the ticket that is used in any segment.
  • In each ticket, only one name change is allowed.
  • The correction in the name is allowed only in three characters. This means you cannot change more than three characters in the name of your ticket.
  • Passengers can only request the change in names through the name correction form. You have to fill out the name correction form to change the name on the Copa Airlines ticket.
  • Passengers cannot change the name in the ticket to put the name of a separate traveler. Passengers who have mistakenly filled in the wrong spelling of the name then you can correct it.

Process to change the name

  • Changing the name of Copa Airlines is easy if you do it through its website. To reach the website of Copa Airlines.
  • Go to the information icon appearing in the layout of the website.
  • Fetch the customer service option under the information icon and click on it.
  • Now you have to select the request or claim option.
  • You will see a “Request Name Correction” option, now you have to click on it.
  • A name change correction form will appear in the tab. You have to complete the form to request a name change.
  • Once the passengers have entered all the correct information in the form click on “Submit” option.

What are the methods of changing name?

Online method

  • Go to Copa Airlines official website.
  • Go to manage my booking option.
  • Fill the booking details
  • Select the booking in which you want to change the name
  • Go to edit option to change the name
  • Make the changes in your name. Make sure the name matches your passport.
  • Confirm the changes and save the information.
  • Make payment for the name change.

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Changing name through phone call

  • Fetch the customer service number.
  • Call at the customer care service and enter the e ticket number.
  • Request the name change by explaining your problem to the agent.
  • The agent will ask for the necessary documents so you have to keep your documents ready.
  • Submit the documents when asked.
  • Pay fees for name change.

Name change via kiosk

  • When you reach the airport, please find the kiosk in the airport to change your name.
  • Login at the kiosk desk services.
  • Fill the online ticket number.
  • Select the option of name change.
  • Correct your name and make sure it matches your government issued documents.
  • Take the printout of new boarding pass.

1. Is transferring ticket allowed in Copa Airlines?

Ans. No, Copa airlines does not allow transferring the ticket in the name of another person.

2. How much time do Copa Airlines take to change the name?

Ans. Copa Airlines takes unto 24 hours to change the name in the ticket.

3. What are the conditions under which Copa Airlines allows changing names on the ticket?

Ans. Copa Airlines has some conditions that allow you to change the name on your ticket. You can change up to three characters in your first name as well as last name. You can only correct the spelling mistake of your name.

3. How to change the name of Copa Airlines?

Ans. Passengers can alter the name of Copa Airlines by reaching the official website of Copa Airlines. You have to complete the form to request for name change.


Summing up this article here, the name change policy in Copa Airlines is very easy to grasp. You are only eligible to change the name on your ticket if you fall under the given conditions. You cannot completely change the first and last name of the ticket. Copa Airlines allows changing only three characters of your first and last name. If you want to put the name of a separate traveler then it’s not possible in Copa Airlines.  You can alter the name if you have mistakenly entered the wrong spelling of your name.