Why do we need Sympathy and condolence cards?

Ever wondered how hard it must be for people to lose the one they loved and cherished for so many years? Death is an inevitable part of our lives and everyone knows it but it still doesn’t make it easy to understand and move on. Why is it that we need time to move on, to finally accept that from now on we have to deal with things alone?

Things may get complicated for people during such times as they are most affected by grief, sadness, and immense pain. It is during this period that we have to be most helpful to anyone we know. The kind of support grieving people require may vary in many different forms but we have to be there to understand and help them out in whatever way they require. 

Sympathy cards- A long tradition 

People have been known to share sympathy card or condolence cards with their acquaintances for a really long time. This tradition has been there even before 50 years. What has changed is simply the way these cards are shared. People shared paper-based traditional cards before or simply sent a postcard mentioning their condolence message. 

Now with the changing times and differences in living patterns, people prefer to send sympathy ecards or condolence ecards because they don’t want any kind of obstacle, especially distance preventing them from sending their wishes.

With a change in the way the cards are designed, a lot of emotions are targeted. In contemporary times, you will see that the cards now are focused on healing elements or elements that represent a positive energy. 

Why do we need sympathy and condolence cards? 

Why do we use cards? How does it make anyone feel better? We have a lot of questions that need to be answered. We have no idea how a card would make the grieving person feel. But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try. 

Here are a few reasons why cards are essential. 

  1. To show that you care for the person in need and that this is one way to reach out to them. If the person is not in a state to talk at least this would give them some time alone to look at the cards and then talk to people if they feel like it. 
  2. To share your heartfelt condolences. Nothing can heal a person without the proper words that give them the strength to move on and look at life with a new perspective. 
  3. To say that you are with them anytime they require any help or support. This subtle gesture passes on the message that the grieving person can count on you anytime. 
  4. To make the grieving person open up. The cards express the true emotions of people which provides strength to the receiver to open up about their feelings no matter how everything seems to be. 

Ways to show sympathy

There are so many ways we can show sympathy to those in need. These little gestures can give them the strength to face the situation and look at the new day with a different perspective. People need time to heal. Healing may involve crying out loud or being silent for hours at a stretch, whatever it may be, you must be ready to help them out and these simple ways can do wonders if you do it right. 

Here is a list of ideas and their meanings:

1. A caring listener: Someone who is there for the person, listening attentively and trying to understand what the other person may be going through. Asking questions, and telling them about your own experiences to help put their mind at ease. This kind of support encourages hope, even when things look impossible.

2. A hug: A simple sign of support and comfort, a hug communicates empathy without having to speak a word while also providing some much-needed physical contact with another human being who might be most receptive at this moment in time.

3. A box of chocolates: Sometimes the best gifts are the most simple ones. Something that seems so little to many people can make a world of difference to someone who has just lost someone they love.

4. A Condolence card: It’s true that sometimes when you’re having a bad time after a loss of someone special seeing something positive and beautiful can help change your mood and make you feel better. It also doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just something well made or nicely designed will do the trick too just like a sympathy ecard!


Sympathy cards or condolence card are not difficult to find. You just need the right kind of place and emotions to be portrayed through your cards. For this, you should try out the sympathy cards from sendwishonline. The kind of elements added and the way each card is curated make it just right for the grieving person. There is nothing right that you can do to transform the situation in one go, it is a process that takes a long time. People need a long time to heal again and we must understand that. 

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